Projection Screen

The screen projectors' journey to popularity

With the latest increasing variety in screen projectors, how does one choose which is the best for you. There are so many types of screen projectors, ranging from the very simpler versions that have existed for hundreds of years to the most intricate and complicated contemporary screen projectors. Believe it or not screen projectors have existed since the 17th century. Then, the nature of screen projectors was different; they were recreational pieces of art. It was not until the late 19th century that innovators started to develop many versions of the screen projectors. What they had realized was that the screen projectors had the ability to project moving images on a screen, which makes them a great source of entertainment for the viewer.

Once manufacturers started to make screen projectors in bulk in the early 20th century, the screen projectors started to be used for entertainment purposes. In the 19th century one sort of screen projectors invented by the Lumiere brothers could capture a few minutes of film that was then and there projected and showed to people. It was an invention that left the viewers in awe and they actually paid to watch the show. Now, this was an excellent idea for the manufacturers and people in the entertainment business. As the camera was invented that could record hour long films that were then loaded in the screen projectors and shown in special movie theatres, the screen projectors gained extreme popularity. Many theatres sprang up across the world, especially in the United States and Europe as the idea of watching films projected onto a screen by screen projectors became more and more popular. Watching movies in a theatre became a popular recreational activity among all sorts of people.

During the early years of the 20th century there was a Great Depression suffered through out the world, and the lower class was a large part of the society. They were unable to afford such recreational facilities, but as times progressed watching movie in a theatre became cheaper as more and more theatres opened up. Screen projectors became common and were produced in larger numbers by an increasing number of manufacturers, economic conditions were alleviated and gradually movie theatres became a hub of activity from all classes of society.

Now, the latest and most modern technology in screen projectors that are the LCD screen projectors are a small and portable projector. These screen projectors can be connected to any video output, whether it is coming from a DVD/VCD player or a CPU, and will project it onto any flat surface. They are extremely easy to handle and can be bought and used at home. You no longer have to go to a movie theatre to watch such high quality movies on a big screen; you can now do that right at home with the latest screen projectors.

Screen projectors have never been a cheap commodity, since its commercial launch in the end of the 19th century, it has been a very expensive item. To this day screen projectors, even though more abundantly found and produced by many companies across the world, are still an expensive piece of equipment. The reason is the expensive parts that are used for their manufacturing. That is why they are not very commonly bought by people, as they are not only expensive, but also require maintenance which can be provided only by specialized technicians in the case of LCD screen projectors.

Screen projectors are not just a form of entertainments, but are being used for many other purposes as well. Lecturers, professors and trainers use screen projectors to display their entire sessions on the screen for every attending person to see. Even in music concerts, screen projectors are used to project graphics on the stage backdrop to give a feeling to the concert.

The screen projectors have expanded into many new forms and found so many different uses. The technological advances will no doubt bring in much more advanced version of the screen projectors that will produce sharper images. That day is not far when screen projectors will be able to project three dimensional images in the air and will not need a flat surface screen to project the images on. Such projectors are still in their experimental stage. This is one piece of equipment that will not lose its popularity because of all the possibilities of use it has.